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Values and Philosophy

TIDES: Teamwork, Integrity, and Dependability in Everyday Services.

Why TIDES? Like the tides of an ocean, our lives ebb and flow. We all experience highs and lows, successes and struggles. Our role is to support you day by day, enhancing strengths and working together to support you through struggles.

Teamwork: We approach every situation with a team-based attitude, recognizing that we are all in this together.

Integrity: Most of the supports from TIDES are provided one-on-one with trained staff. We hire Direct Services Professionals (DSP) whom we can count on to be self-directed, honest, and able to provide services as outlined in each recipient’s Plan of Care. Services are overseen by the Administrator of TIDES. Employees of TIDES are expected to not only raise the bar for themselves, but also for those around them.

Dependability in Everyday Services: When we commit to providing services to a recipient, we are committing to providing the level of services outlined in your Plan of Care. We work closely with you and your identified team to provide appropriate staff matches and support schedules. It is our goal to provide you with a level of service and with DSP support you can depend on.